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Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Educational chatbots take the efficiency of a university website to the next level. The interactive presence of the bot can generate a friendly interface between the web page and all its visitors, including applicants and students.

FREMONT, CA: Imagine the time that one has to spend when it comes to making an application for a university—the process gets tiresome, as it will generate many queries. Additionally, the course of action will also need constant guidance to answer the doubts and requires applicants to move back and forth. In the present day, many use chatbots to converse that help them in making their tasks easy in some way or the other.

The tools are also finding their useful way into the education sector and can benefit universities in many ways. Besides, bringing AI and chatbots in the field will be a game-changer if used correctly.

Simplify the Application Process

As applying to a study course can seem like a daunting, many applicants find admission systems a bit confusing. The occurrence is when chatbots come into the picture and help students with their administrative formalities.

The admissions process involves a considerable amount of paperwork, like completing and submitting forms along with attaching certificates and referrals, and more. All of the steps generate lots of queries from the students, and a website chatbot can help clear all the questions. The bots can assist answer all issues 24x7.

Provide Website Information to students

Educational chatbots take the efficiency of a university website to the next level. The interactive presence of the bot can generate a friendly interface between the web page and all its visitors, including applicants and students. By being able to answer questions on academic, financial and administrative matters, campus services, scholarships, IT services, chatbots save visitors the effort and time to sift through several department and subject websites, instead of trying to find a person to talk to.

Introduce Newcomers to the Campus and its Life

All freshmen, every year, will have some questions as the previous ones when they arrive on the campus. The programmed bots can easily answer the queries and other questions about life on campus. A chatbot can answer to issues like how to find the library, what are the best clubs to join, how to pick the best courses, where to find a counselor and others. The tools can assist newcomers in familiarizing the newcomers with the campus in a short time. Today there are many applications for chatbots that are integrated by universities and schools.

Chatbots in the Classroom

An enduring problem in the field of education is how to properly educate students at their level of interest, skills, and aptitude. In a conventional classroom, it is not possible to execute personalized learning. Chatbots, however, can assist educators in delivering tailored experiences for every student. Additionally, the tools can also help in modifying a school curriculum and customize it according to the needs of each learner.

Admissions at Schools

Just as in higher education, this tool can simplify the admissions process at schools too. Envision parents going through the tiresome admissions process, but a bot service can promptly attend to all their queries.

Course Feedback, Automated Quizzes, and more:

There are several ways in which one can create an education chatbot to advance the user experience of the institute's website or e-learning platform. The artificial intelligence-driven bots can also be used to hand out practice quizzes and tests. Furthermore, the exercises can be accessed instantly and at one's convenience benefiting students in expanding their knowledge. Other programmed tasks such as sending test results and collecting course feedback from learners can also be carried out by chatbots. The job lets both students and teachers save time and effort.

General Information Assistant

Chatbots can also lend a hand with general doubts saving students and parents the time to make phone calls to the office. The interactive tools can answer the standard questions that come up many times a week. Questions such as, is their singing practice tonight, is school closed because of the snow, what time does the bus leave for the trip on a particular day.

There are unquestionably many roles that chatbots can accomplish in both schools and universities. As time passes, the machines will take on more tasks making them omnipresent, wherein one does not have to imagine their life without chatbots.

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