Digital Tutors Launches Professional Front - End Web and Interactive Training

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 11, 2016

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: Digital Tutors, a Pluralsight company and a provider of the creative e - learning resource, has announced the launch of professional front - end web and interactive training covering web design,   X, HTML, CSS, Edge Animate, Flash and WordPress.

The new creative web training helps meet the growing need for companies and design professionals looking to create seamless web experiences. With new devices, browser updates, growing consumer demand and increased spending, creating cross - platform and user  - friendly web  experiences has never been more important for an organization’s online presence.

"Our new web design courses offer a powerful merger of creative and technical training content. Digital - Tutors' creative training prowess and the ability to tie in Pluralsight's development and IT training with this new front - end training gives companies and artists a one - stop destination for creating engaging, highly - functional  websites, platforms and interactive media,” says Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skon nard. "

In April 2014, active customers on both Digital - Tutors and Pluralsight obtained access to both sites, and now, more than 3,000 courses for tech and creative professionals. The announcement of the new web and interactive content helps bridge the two libraries, while highlighting the beginning of an unprecedented destination for both front - end and back - end web training.

"The convergence of media and technology is being pushed to incredible new heights e very day. The web is the channel where it's happening and it's key for the creatives, the front - end web teams and the back - end tech world to look at the whole picture - from creating the media content itself, to then creating the web experience and back - end systems that seamlessly deliver it," says Piyush Patel, founder of Digital - Tutors and chief innovation officer, Pluralsight.

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