Discovering Right Assessment Tools for Classroom

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Educators need to find the correct assessment tool by understanding its use and efficiency in instruction.

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to selecting the right EdTech tool, schools need to keep the purpose of technology in mind—how will the device support learning and teaching in classrooms. Below are some questions to mull over before choosing the EdTech assessment tool.

Why Should Teachers Use the Product Over Conventional Assessment Tools

A way to approach the question is by understanding how the assessment tool helps teachers in doing their job more efficiently because even the educator’s time is valuable. Digital learning tools that are tasked based on the traditional evaluation are not inherently innovative, but they can be used to save time.

Another way is the innovative approach to assess what EdTech tools can offer because evaluation is often considered as a lone activity which has no room for collaboration. Video tools help to widen the idea of the things that are possible in an assessment. A video assessment puts the learner in the middle of the learning process and encourages a sense of collaboration with classmates and community outside the classroom who see the video.

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When Can the Product be in Use?

The question relates to the purpose of the assessment. Some tools are suitable for being used during the formative assessment, learning process, and others for summative evaluation. Formative assessment tools are widely used so they should be easy and quick to use and not cause any disturbance.

How Easy is the Use of the Product for Students and Teachers?

Digital tools that have a steep learning curve or take long set up time result in frustrating both pupils and teachers, and will end up among the other failed EdTech devices. It is also essential for educators to reach out to other colleagues to get their suggestion on which assessment tools work. The check can also be done through reading blogs, social media, and keeping updated by attending conferences.

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