EdTech Entrepreneurs to Disrupt Education Sector

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, November 15, 2018

With the evolving classroom innovations, it is quite evident that technology has marked its presence in the education sector too. Educators have adopted latest technologies to supplement learning modules and make sure that the particular lessons have an enduring impact on learners. The growing importance of technology in all the sectors has forced education industry to include the latest technological trends like augmented and visual reality, mobile learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

EdTech is influencing the Classroom Experience

Technological advancements are not only affecting the field of learners but also the role of educators. As the developers are creating products which are aiming at enriching the classroom experience, there has been a shift in the teaching process as well. With the incorporation of technology, the education sector has gone a long way in remodeling the way a classroom works.

What does the future hold for the EdTech industry?

New technologies and learning models imply that conventional learning methods are evolving in the coming years. Classroom technologies will witness learning models becoming more personalized to cater to the needs of individual learners. As kids are among the largest consumers of technology they must be introduced with the same in their initial learning activities and therefore EdTech entrepreneurs are trying to take the advantage.

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EdTech entrepreneurs stated that with the advent of new technologies the role of educators will remain as prominent as ever. Innovation will give teachers more freedom and understanding regarding their students. The availability of more data about each student will make it easier for education institutions to gauge learning outcomes more efficiently and effectively. As the education sector already comprises of existing systems, it will be comfortable for EdTech companies to grow.

How will EdTech companies meet the needs?

Innovation like Text-to-speech programs will need to accommodate numerous types of documents which include PDFs, Google Docs, and more. There would be several options for voices, but the ultimate goal is to create someone who can read as naturally as possible. EdTech has the ability of moving away from traditional text-to-speech programs.

Moreover, organizations can also develop cognitive game-based programs to help improve memory, attention span, and focus. These games could be visually engaging to capture and sustain student attention and thereby evaluating that whether students are making progress with the games or not.

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