Educating Students on Digital Literacy for Job Seeking

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Digital literacy must be included in all fields of the curriculum to make sure that students have the skills later on in their lives.

FREMONT, CA: Regardless of being tagged as digital natives, many students today lack the aptitude to apply their knowledge and technological skills to practical task like a job search. So, teachers need to educate pupils on digital literacy, especially as it pertains to their educational and professional lives. 

Make Students Cultivate Digital Literacy Early

Since not all parents know how to assist children in acquiring tech skills at home, it becomes vital for schools to integrate the practice in students’ curriculum early. By teaching the basics, educators can promote an attitude that is useful to students throughout their life, which is also needed in today’s continually changing job market. Besides, it shows pupils that the need to continue learning technology is necessary because it helps them when they start setting up their careers.

Personal Archiving

Upon finding the relevant data to the career or industry the students want to get into, they need to archive the information for later use. Personal archiving involves using concepts like tagging, metadata, keywords. Students need to practice filing in their academic setting so that they can use the idea later when they are job seeking.

Evaluating Information

In a surrounding where anyone can create content and publish it on the internet, assessing information becomes a necessary digital literacy skill. One use of the practice when finding a job is doing primary research on the industry that the student is interested in working. Using online tools like advanced search features and keywords coupled with the ability to distinguish between the non-credible and credible sources makes the search more effective.

Social Media Skills

Social media skill practice helps job seekers in using the platform to research prospective employers and gain more knowledge about the company. Besides, social media also allows students to interact with the companies, so pupils must be taught to use the platform appropriately.

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