Effective E-Learning for Employees: Measures to Undertake

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The advancement of technology has introduced and popularized e-learning platforms which have changed the concept of education. As per the prediction of Research and Markets, the e-learning market will be worth $325 billion by 2025. In order to revolutionize the education sector, the U.S. Department of Education has introduced online and virtual schools such as the Florida Virtual School, Utah Electronic High School, and North California Virtual High School and Florida International University or FIU which has signed a partnership with Cognii to leverage its virtual learning assistant technology to improve its online learning programs.

The introduction of apps providing online tuition has initiated significant changes providing students with a personalized way of education and at the same time, offering students the chance to interact with the tutors through an online platform. These online platforms are innovative, student-friendly, and cost-effective.

Not only the school and university education but companies also take resort to e-learning to provide the staffs with proper education and knowledge. Undoubtedly, e-learning is able to develop employees swiftly and softly, offering them an opportunity to grow their skill in a personalized manner.

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But, for companies, it is not enough to move their content online to provide online education. The development of contents for e-learning demands a certain set of skills and as per, ATD research these e-learning assets can be used in different areas to improve employees including microlearning, performance support tools, and customer service training. Tata Consultancy Services became the winner in ATD 2018 BEST because of its successful and extensive use of e-learning.

According to TalentLMS’ Gamification at Work Survey, 80 percent of employees love to use gamification software while working. So, the creation and deployment of learning games can improve the engagement and motivation level of employees. Companies like IBM, Deloitte, and Xerox leverage interactive e-learning to make the whole process of learning interesting to employees.

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Instructional videos and short films which are terse, informational, and engaging can quickly grab the attention of the employees and facilitate the whole process of their self-development. These professionally developed videos are integral parts of the entire process of learning. So, companies have to think about the proper way to make e-learning effective and intriguing for their employees.

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