Effective Ways to Change Employees Behavior

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 09, 2019

Sometimes it may be difficult to change employees’ behavior. If an organization want their employees to act in a particular way, it is essential to manage them in a manner that supports and encourages positive behavior.

FREMONT, CA: In an organization, it is essential to manage the behavioral change among the employees. If steps are not taken in cases of behavior change among the staffs and then it can harm productivity, jeopardize morale. Helping the employees to make improvements in their mannerism is a better option for a company. Fortunately, there are some steps that an organization can follow to facilitate the change of behavior among the employees.

1. Use Learning Campaigns

A campaign generally focuses on delivering small chunks of information at regular intervals. Learning campaigns are perfect for modern employees. There are many advantages to the campaign, and some of them are given below.

· Ideally Suited for Microlearning

When the more essential contents are broken into smaller contents, it helps in maintaining engagement with the learning components for a more extended period.

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· They are Habitual

A learning campaign can introduce behavior change but by using the process of pattern release. When contents are released at a regular time, it will automatically help build a relationship with the learners, and they will also expect content at that particular time.

· They are Perfect for Mobile Usage

Nowadays, mobile phones rarely leave anybody’s pockets except while sitting down. Mobile phones are the reason why learning campaigns are a perfect tool for communicating with the learners as.

2. Reinforce Training with Social Learning

The bridge between knowledge and behavior change is social learning. Along with gamification and personalization, social learning is one of the critical pillars of employee engagement. When employees come together, learning becomes much easier for them.

Many social learning apps give space for the employees of the organization to share their insights on the newsfeed. They can create communities for discussing their training or any other subject related to the office.

3. Engage the Employees with Gamification

In a non-gaming environment, the process of applying game mechanics is known as gamification. Gamification is a fantastic way to engage the employees because the entire process of working becomes fun.

Many other strategies can be used to drive the behavior change of the employees. The most popular strategy used for behavioral changes among the organization is gamification and social learning.

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