eLearning Programs to Cover the ML Skills Gap

Education Technology Insights | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Machine learning (ML) has showcased unprecedented growth and benefits in firms that have strategically implemented it to leverage its essence to the fullest, especially in e-learning.

Traditional corporate and institutional learning programs are not up to the level of the modern business landscape. To broaden the talent pool, keep employees up-to-speed on the latest technical skills, and efficiently shape a leading workforce, companies need to think out-of-the-box about possible methods of enhancing development and training the workforce.

Enrich Talent Pool Internally

In a scenario with a shortage of highly skilled workers and a surplus of mid-low skilled workers, companies focus on training the workers available in excess, so that the ML talent gap is not widened further. The IT talent pool can be enriched by drawing employees with less experience in data science analytics and providing them with internal learning.    

Traditional e-learning programs inhibit HR teams and managers the level of insight that the Machine Learning technology can offer. Modern e-learning tools can provide comprehensive visibility into employee skills and analysis of where gaps may lie. Equipped with this type of information, HR teams can make informed decisions about how to divide teams and recognize who might be an asset to ML initiatives.

Digitalize the Conversation

Artificial Intelligence is assisting companies in digitizing the water cooler conversation, as the majority of impactful learning among colleagues occurs when employees seek recommendations from peers. With the introduction of new e-learning programs, employees can learn from content based on areas they have expressed interest in. AI-powered tools allow companies to offer a learning user experience so that new content uploaded will be showcased if relevant to the user.

Teach Adaptability

Flexibility is the most essential skill to learn to adapt to the pace of change in technology-driven roles in ML and data science jobs. To ensure that a workforce is equipped to utilize ML, firms need to schedule strategic programs that operate with creative skills to ensure a culture of adaptability. An internal coding workshop could be an ideal opportunity for a recruitment team to outpace their competition. By offering internal training in coding as a complimentary service by the placement programs, agencies could help to equip their clients for the job world better while they are awaiting a new gig.

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