Emerging Technologies Pushing the Boundaries of the Education Sector

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, March 14, 2019

With technology stepping into almost every industry in today's being, the most significant impact would have been in the education sector. From certified online educational courses to automated scoring and feedback, the favorable circumstances to educate oneself is ever more now across the globe.

TIER-ED (Technology Innovation in Educational Research and Design) brings together experts from various college and campus disciplines working with a variety of technologies—increased reality, virtual reality, data analytics, multitouch, and other interfaces, and online learning platforms—to improve their use as technological tools in classrooms, museums, and other educational settings. TIER-ED offers opportunities to build effective and practical tools that educators can use to open up new worlds to students, ranging from better use of mobile devices to cultivate practices to manufacturing gesture recognition systems which help people understand challenging science and math concepts. The company provides the infrastructure necessary to develop broad-based educational technology solutions.

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There are a number of ways how technology has affected the growth of the education sector—personalizing the education experience. The biggest achievement would have to be adjusting and personalizing the system for individual student requirement. Digitalizing textbooks is a good manner to eliminate heavy textbooks slowly, which would save the schools money for new textbooks yearly, and the authorities can upload study material for each term on the same device. Professors can use the application abilities to speed up grading and other works and utilize the time saved for quality teaching. Introducing VR/AR in classrooms could eliminate language barriers and make learning more effective. It has enhanced the creativity of students through imaginative thinking and play.

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Social media influence has helped to connect teachers and students with similar interests and mindset. The authorities of the school take the initiative to teach students on how to behave online and how to respect another’s view on how certain situations are dealt with. Wearable technology tracks a student's whereabouts and payments. Such devices help to avoid theft and bullying while aiding paperless transactions. Cybersecurity and data privacy is a significant area of concern. It would not be a surprise for machine learning to take over, and almost all of the data would be stored in the cloud. But above all, innovators have to consider giving significance to social-emotional skills and a student’s well being.

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