Employ Digital Signage to Communicate Better

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Technology-based communication tools streamline the connection between schools, students, and parents.

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to notice board messages and loudspeaker announcements, the probability of missing out on a vital piece of information is high. To make communication an easy task among students, faculty, and parents, many schools are moving towards adopting digital signage—a technique which is more efficient and less inexpensive.

Digital signage tools are also flexible when it comes to endorsing activities and sharing school events with parents. Digital displays also add to the appearance of the campus and make the environment look clutter-free and orderly. Whether notifying about an upcoming event or putting across a deadline to a particular happening, digital signage does the work simple.

Below are some ways that schools and districts make use of digital signage:

•    Greeting messages

•    Videos during various events

•    Radio broadcasting schedules along with Regular announcements concerning curriculum, emergency, and assessments.

•    Display for particular audiences across the campus. For example, naming all the sections of the building at the entrance and demonstrating the lunch menu in the cafeteria.

Making Communication Within the District Easy

With fast-growing districts, there is also a rise in the digital television adaptation for digital signage, which has been effectively helping them. This process substantially reduces the chances of miscommunication and works as a time- and cost-saving method without having to spend on labor and print where a whole array of information is shared at once.

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Smartphone Integration to Engage Digital Populace

Digital Signage is further advanced to send push notification to children’s mobile phones, through which the staff can supervise the digital signage system. This method improves the administration’s ability for effective communication with the digital natives and parents alike. As students are increasingly involved in digital communication, the process can be a competent way to convey any message or memo.

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