Enabling K12 Districts to Digitally Manage their Daily Operations

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Students, in the future, do not have to listen to lectures from teachers with their physical presence and end up feeling less interested. They can instead leverage digital education platforms for the same. Education companies store information on digital platforms for students.

Infinite Campus is a leading digital educational software firm in 45 states that stores information for 7.8 million students. It has 25 years of experience without any inconvenience in holding student information in the whole dilemma.  Many schools, districts, government departments, and federal government education departments have been depending on the software firm to create a hassle-free student-teacher platform.

Charlie Kratsch, founder and CEO of Infinite Campus, has led the company in the successful path over the years. Due to the excellent customer service and support, the digital platform has achieved success in recent years. Many districts have chosen Infinite Campus to have a trustworthy student information portal. Once the educational institution enters the digital platform, it provides approximately 25 years of stable ownership. The digital platform offers scalability that matches the institution’s size.

Recently, Infinite Campus announced that it has chosen BrightBytes DataSense platform as a digital Learning Partner. The connection between Infinite Campus and BrightBytes® helps in data access by students and teachers regarding assignment score passcards. A valuable tool has enabled BrightBytes® to exchange information in real time with the Infinite Campus SIS. Since both Infinite Campus and BrightBytes® are IMS Global Certified, data can be shared securely. Because of the announcement, BrightBytes® will join other Infinite Campus digital partners. “We’re excited to be working with BrightBytes® and offer this powerful integration to customers,” said Kratsch.

BrightBytes® is an end-to-end data solution provider that helps to provide modules with attractive dashboards that are easy to understand. Since the process has become easy and comfortable, it is easy for tutors to obtain the information they need. Any individual who wishes to share any valuable information can use the platform. It directly reaches the student without any delay. In addition, Infinite Campus has launched an app that helps the students to view assignments, grades, and attendance.

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