Enhanced Teaching and Learning Strategies with IoT

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

IoT is transforming the e-learning landscape, making the process of learning more exciting and digitalized.

FERMONT, CA: Harnessing the real potential of technology is now an imperative. Adding to the online world's wonders, the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing drastic improvements in the education system. IoT is a new system designed to enhance connectivity between computer systems, quickly entering classrooms in ways that have never been imagined before. Here are few IoT apps that will in the following ways reshape tomorrow's e-learning.

Mobile Learning

The smartphone-enabled real-time access to schooling whenever students need it, wherever they need it. It has enabled educators to teach and learners to learn at the comfort of their homes. Mobile learning allows learners to access eLearning classes with complete liberty of time and location, and thanks to the IoT alone, everything is feasible.

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 Revolutionizing Content Dynamics

The content has become incredibly visual, as every individual on the internet will have noticed. Videos and pictures are preferred to text, even by customers, and videos are no longer just a straightforward recording of visual and audio elements, but interactive content pieces that involve the learners more than easy videos. In the future, this will merely escalate. This has also converted e-learning content, which has also become extremely visual since contemporary learners have become accustomed to seeing such content on the internet every day.

Digital Tests and Examinations

IoT makes it possible for 24X7 internet access across a variety of wearables such as sneakers, glasses, pens, and more to come in the future. With such all-time internet access to all students, educators will have to resort to altering the teaching format from "remembering and writing lessons down" to "discovering information on the internet and extending knowledge." E-learning evaluations will also need to change, and e-learning experts are likely to be the first teachers to discover new methods of teaching in a globe where IoT-connected devices are widespread.

Creating More Educator Designations

Just as ML (Machine Learning) and AI now both have specialized courses and degrees for those who want to study them and build a career in them, IoT will quickly have dedicated curriculum and majors to interested learners, and think: what will be the education system in the future? E-learning! The future will require IoT-qualified individuals, and eLearning will provide them with the education they need in an affordable, accessible, fast, and effective manner.

Improving Lifestyles  

IoT and AI will bring enhanced home security, effective use of energy, and quicker content and information streaming. It will also alter tomorrow's individuals' lifestyles, expectations, and practices. There will be changes in teaching, or rather eLearning, in addition to modifications in lifestyle. E-learning will be available on a broader range of devices, will become cheaper to create, will be more interactive and will assist attract more learners.

IoT is the future, and e-learning is here to stay. It's impressive to imagine the world as a result of technological development and impact, and the educational systems are continually coping with a variety of smart learning deployments.

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