Enhancing Social-Emotional Learning with Classroom Tech Tools

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Students can better connect with the content, their colleagues, and themselves by expressing genuine emotions, one of the key objectives of SEL.

FREMONT, CA: Many STEM technologies students utilize in their studies include aspects inherently compatible with SEL development. For example, responsible decision-making, communication, teamwork, and irritation are SEL-related experiences when programming a robot. Collaborating with peers is particularly beneficial when students work on a program together; their communication is typically clearer when student groups or pairs work toward a common goal. Then there's the practical side of SEL, which is obvious when students use hands-on instruments to learn. When they see their software operate in this case, they will feel more confident. They'll also be more engaged for longer periods, resulting in higher retention.

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Other forms of technology can also assist students in managing their emotions during the day. Smartwatches, for example, can track their stress levels by measuring key physiological indicators and relaying that information to teachers. Then, they can use that information to provide a different option to those students. In situations like this, virtual and augmented reality technologies are also viable. For example, if teachers notice a student is frustrated, stressed out, or anxious, specialized VR content can help them relax. AR or VR can, for example, immerse students in deep breathing exercises, redirecting their entire focus until they're fine. Essentially, it all boils down to ensuring that students are socially functioning at a high level.

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How EdTech Use Strengthens SEL Skills

While technology can assist students in developing positive relationships and providing a beginning point for connecting, this is not a new concept. Therefore teachers must employ technology in ways that are most beneficial to their students. Educators should think about how EdTech technologies can help students satisfy their emotional learning needs. Combining technology and social-emotional development by considering what pupils don't get from traditional instruction is great. Students obtain additional SEL benefits from technology when connecting with friends from other nations. Artificial intelligence-powered live translation tools are regularly included in services like Skype. This allows kids to communicate and connect with others in ways they couldn't before.

Finally, educational robots have shown promise as a device that aids children's social and emotional development. Students with social or language difficulties, in particular, can utilize educational robotics tools to communicate by programming the robot to say specific messages or perform specific activities that reflect how they're feeling. Many classroom robots are suitable for this, but the NAO Robot takes things to the next level. This advanced humanoid is particularly useful with certain populations, such as students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is relaxing to them and genuinely assists them in being more comfortable with communication. Furthermore, it is just one of several new technologies that can help today's pupils.

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