Essential eLearning Trends for the Professionals

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 16, 2019

It is not necessary to have expensive technology or elaborate training session. For effective learning, organizations must give their employees the freedom to complete the courses in their comfortability.

FREMONT, CA: eLearning trends have become popular among learners and corporations who want their employees to progress and be efficient in their work. Here are some of the trends that the corporate houses are looking forward to because of their benefits.

1. Gamification

Gamification is at the top of the list of eLearning trends because it is one of the best processes to build learner engagement. Gamified eLearning courses have evolved and included more elements in it than just dynamics and rules like points, achievements, leader boards, and rewards. 

However, these dynamics make gamification great as a motivational tool and learner engagement. The courses of gamification nowadays utilize animations, compelling storylines, and augmentations. This technology is one of the beneficial trends of eLearning for which more organizations will implement gamed-based solutions so that their companies can progress and employees are happy to work.

2. Personalized Learning

Most of the corporate houses have understood that their employees are different from each other and also have different professional goals. Every worker has the freedom to choose their method of learning, which will make them more focused and targeted towards their goal.

Personalized learning is becoming more powerful because it appeals more to the learners as everybody wants things that are designed according to their personal choices. The trend of individual learning is becoming more popular among business so that improvement can be brought on their employee learning and development.

3. mLearning

Employees already have a lot of work to do even if they are not completing their eLearning courses during office hours. When an organization forces their workforce to complete classes during office time, it may lead to a backlog of their actual work and also create discontentment among them.

With eLearning, employees can complete their courses whenever they want in their smartphones or tablets. mLearning is trending because it can quickly solve the problems that the workers can face with eLearning, and smartphone is something which almost every worker can connect.

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