Expectations from Wi-Fi Bandwidth are on the Rise!

Education Technology Insights | Monday, July 08, 2019

With augmented Wi-Fi installation, the need for its use exponentially increases, giving rise to new requirements.

FREMONT, CA: Today, as plenty of schools and colleges offer Wi-Fi access, numerous administrators support complete coverage to supervise the unfulfilling need for the bandwidth on the campus. According to a research study by the State of the Residential Network by the Professional Association and Association of College, most schools allow students to connect indefinite devices to their Wi-Fi.

Because of the increase in demand and to keep in line with the technological transformation, more organizations are deploying their residential internet services and updating their associated strategic plans frequently.

It is inevitable that when students are on the campus premises, they look forward to high-quality internet access, but the surge in the use of these services gives way to profound demands. Even as Wi-Fi budgeting is of increased concern to the many are of the impression that high-speed internet access plays a vital role in the institution’s mission. Besides, the process of residential networking is required to keep hold of the on-site students.

To keep up with changing Wi-Fi demands requirements, college circles need to enhance, supervise, and optimize the bandwidth usage and maintain cost-effectiveness and network efficiency. In response to the above processes, it is necessary to isolate the growing demands to academics because devices like gaming devices and smartphones add to the list of being the greedy bandwidth corners. Moreover, video sharing platforms also build on the significant content hazard to the Wi-Fi’s bandwidth along with the music streaming tools. One way to end these concerns is by banning online media tools like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and iTunes in educational spaces on weekdays, which might lower the web traffic overall.

With the growing demand for technology and to keep pace with the technological change, more schools need to find ways to keep their internet working at a high-speed. This issue can be overcome by including strategic plans and increasing the IT budget, along with outsourcing residential internet services.

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