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Education Technology Insights | Monday, July 08, 2019

It is hard to keep children engaged in any particular activity for quite a long time but AI-driven storytellers and educational applications performing a fine job in engaging children more into educational activities through fun sessions.

FREMONT, CA: “Since I do not have a television at home, it is sometimes difficult to keep kids engaged beyond a point (I run out of storytelling abilities after the first seven minutes or so),” says Praveen Valpeji. “Last evening, my five-year-old friend was visiting—and after exhausting the Dr. Seuss book, and a couple of stories, I turned on this new skill on impulse!” exclaimed the just-converted customer. Elaborating on the benefits of the product, the consumer continued, “It took the child a minute to get the hang of it—and she was totally engaged for the next half hour. Each passage had a bunch of questions—and the child sat there chatting patiently with ‘Alexa’—the first time in the evening she just sat in one place and answered questions instead of asking them! When her mother arrived, she was in the middle of the skeleton costume story—and the mother was a little surprised when her daughter announced: Mamma—you have 206 bones! Yup—I would highly recommend this skill. Edutainment? Is that what they call it?”Educational Activities

This is merely an example of how the education and learning industry is changing through combined projects similar to that of Highlights Storybooks program from Bamboo. Bamboo Learning is an education-based software and services organization with an undertaking to become the pioneer in voice-first educational content and applications. The company is concerned about developing skills for Alexa that facilitate children as well as adults to have fun while learning and practicing different subjects.

Bamboo Learning and Highlights for Children’s joint initiative, namely the Highlights Storybooks program, is a highly appealing skill for Amazon Alexa characterizing stories, interactions, and narrations from the Highlights Storybook Collection series. The skill has been designed by experts to assist children in developing and practicing skills related to vocabulary building, reading comprehension, and language acquisition.

The Highlights Storybooks skill for Amazon Alexa primarily offers twelve free English language titles with connected skill-developing exercises. The skills are available to customers using any Alexa device in over 80 countries who can access the Highlights contents just by asking Alexa to find a storybook.

Studies have illustrated that reading makes kids happier, more empathetic, and healthier, and their desire to read will motivate them to move forward through the Alexa skill. Success and positive reinforcement will enhance children’s confidence through the experience. 

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