Finding AI beyond the Pages of the Books

Education Technology Insights | Friday, June 14, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The educational technology over the last few decades has been beyond belief and teaching with tools has become persistent in nearly every classroom. Classrooms in the present time are filled with integrated devices such as smart boards, AV, computers, laptops, and tablets for teaching alongside virtual learning that enables distance learning and online education.

The education sector has employed various technologies to make learning a process of acquiring knowledge in an exciting manner by modifying the age-old traditional teaching methods. As it cancels out, most of the academics included in the studies, it is difficult to visualize technology not being introduced in many institutions classrooms today. By introducing every academic requirement in the AI-driven and employing skillful employers who can work with the new advanced machines, technology can successfully be a part of EdTech.

Before introducing new technology, it is essential to know its potential and evaluate it based on how fruitful it can through various educational perspectives such as connectivism. Without proper knowledge about the technology, the education system will only implement another replica of the traditional teaching methods with only one deviation that is teaching with tools, resulting in a loss of investment and vision.

In the new age of technology, Artificial Intelligence and ML are being implemented in the education sector to enhance the standards of teaching and the learning experiences simultaneously. AI technology can help in administrative tasks for educators as well as lend a hand in teaching procedures in the classroom. Besides, AI can be considered as an academic discipline that helps in the theory and functioning of the education system by developing the growth of the learners and not just improving the traditional methods. AI can permit greater personalization and customization of the educational experiences for the learners allowing them to focus on what they desire to study and have an interest in pursuing further.

With the advancement of technology, AI might be able to replicate the empathy and creative thinking of an educator in the classroom soon keeping in mind the necessity of a human teacher as well.

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