Five EdTech startups looking to revolutionise how we learn

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 18, 2018

Edtech startups are the order of the day and they are booming in the education market. The predominant focus is on STEM education, which educationists support as an overall learning process. For the uninitiated, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM education is important as it is a part of our everyday lives and the jobs associated with it are in high demand and pay well.

Edtech startups are capable of revolutionizing the whole learning process. They have brought a paradigm shift in education space. Among the plethora of Edtech startups, there are five companies that are working towards one shared goal of providing interactive learning.

  1. Matific: Leveraging on the fact that, kids love playing games on a mobile, Matific has created interactive games that are fun and educational as well. The company provides math-based learning for kids from kindergarten to grade 6, by means of several games, activities, and worksheets.
  2. Knowre: The pace of learning varies between kids and this issue has been troubling students and teachers alike. However, Knowre is committed to finding a solution to this issue. By identifying the learning gaps, the company generates a curriculum to fill those gaps. This platform is feasible for traditional teaching as well as for the homeschooled kids.
  3. Tiggly: Tiggly introduces science and math at an early age through apps and their line of toys. It is a confluence of the digital and the physical when the apps and toys are integrated together. With this, the company aims to create an unmatched learning experience for the kids.
  4. Mosa Mack:  Kids love watching videos and Mosa Mack utilizes this piece of detail to create short, science-based series of videos. The target audiences are kids from grades 4 to 8 who are given a new learning opportunity with each video. At the end of the video, there are lessons that would further strengthen their concepts.
  5. Cupcake Digital:  This is the digital generation where everyone starts early. Kids have an inherent interest in the digital platform since a very young age. Focusing on this trend, Cupcake Digital makes use of iconic characters like Shrek and Dora the Explorer. This helps parents in easily engaging their kids and thus laying a strong foundation for their future education.

These startups make learning fun and the concepts easy to grasp. Routine learning is monotonous and it’s difficult to retain the child’s attention for a long time. These Edtech startups are instances of innovative learning and truly a learning revolution in the making.


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