Forsyth Technical Community College Leverages Foxits PhantomPDF

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Leading technical Community College is implementing PhantomPDF to lead a digital transition across enrollment, human resources, IT, and legal departments.

FREMONT, CA: Foxit Software, a pioneering provider of innovative PDF products and services, assisting knowledge workers in boosting their productivity and doing more with documents, announces that Forsyth Technical Community College is harnessing Foxits PhantomPDF as its PDF Software solution to move away from conventional paper workflows and accelerate the schools' digital transformation across several departments. Forsyth Tech has been providing vocation instruction and training in skilled trades since 1960. Today, the school has widened to nine campus locations and provides college transfer, two-year degree programs, short-term training, corporate training, continuing education, personal enrichment classes, and much more.

Forsyth Tech, an institution that focuses on its student success in learning and equity, instituted aims to shift to a more digital and remote-friendly campus and searched for a solution that could boost campus-wide digital transformation and create innovative ways to convert workflows from paper-based to digital. The search led to Foxits desktop editor, PhantomPDF, which offered the right PDF features to move away from conventional paper workflows. With PhantomPDF, Forsyth Tech could use PDF documents to communicate and collaborate through a common, standardized, portable, and secure electronic file format. This made documents viewable on all devices, making it easy for anyone on and off-campus to access the resources they required.

The company identified that the broad deployment of PDF editing software was a vital move to make campus document workflows transition to digital.  Other PDF solution models were complicated and costly to provide a full solution to both students and faculty. But Foxits straightforward licensing options, along with the solutions' easy integration, made them the perfect choice for Forsyth Tech.

Forsyth Tech can leverage PhantomPDF for different departments, like the Enrollment, Human Resources, IT, and Legal departments. The solution offered faculty the right tools and training to dramatically mitigate their turnaround time, and the rich and reliable features of PhantomPDF met a multitude of use-cases. Human Resources could build fillable forms. The Enrollment department could gather files and signatures from students electronically. Other staff could partner by adding edits, comments, highlights, and annotations to their digital document.

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