Future Trends for E-learning

Education Technology Insights | Monday, December 24, 2018

Education sector just like others has witnessed the technological transformation and eLearning is the outcome of the transformation. E-learning has just made its way and has many changes to observe still, few them which will play a major role in its robust stand have been outlined below.

Embraced by Parents and Students

Unlike the past now eLearning has a better image and is being widely accepted by parents and students even at postsecondary levels as it increases competition and is proliferating as well. Also, it has emerged as an affordable option for learning which is not restricted to infrastructural boundaries, age and time bounds. Everybody can learn through online programs and classes.

Artificial Intelligence to transform eLearning

AI has been able to extend its reach in the eLearning as well. Organizations and start-ups have emerged in recent times that have started to incorporate the technology in learning. They are using it to enhance human learning by personalized training methods for individuals. Startups are exploring how AI can streamline the training procedure in organizations and develop training and learning methods which would be based on the learning capabilities through the lifespan of individuals.

Blended Learning

Traditional classroom learning methods are obsolete and need to be redefined. In the proximate future, a blend of traditional learning and eLearning will be observed and embraced rapidly. The outcomes of the combination will be able to redefine the whole learning and teaching experience. Also, it is essential to adopt and adapt to new technologies and optimize them for better results.

Blockchain will be introduced to Manage Credentials

 Currently, a lot of students study remotely and keep retraining themselves throughout their career and the number keeps increasing rapidly. Managing the data of all these students and keeping its track is going to be a big issue but blockchain holds the capability to deal with these. It is a distributed ledger that records each transaction and has cryptography security giving it the immutability. Also, the ledger is highly scalable which means it can store huge volume of data without a problem. Also as each transaction is recorded in the blockchain itself, tracking student activities and records would be much easier.

Game-based learning

Game-based learning has been a strong trend in recent times and is anticipated to gain much acceptability in the future as well. It has been observed that learning has a better retention rate and better application of the subject proves to be a great tool in modern-day learning.

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