Gain Valuable Insights by Adopting LMS Analytics

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 23, 2021

Learning management system analytics may also reveal patterns in the data of learners, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that improve the strategy and deliver exceptional training experiences.

FREMONT, CA: The more educators and organizations know about the learners, the better they will be at executing the Learning and Development (L&D) objectives. Learning data can support leaders in gaining deep insight into what is working well and what is not. Learning Management System (LMS) analytics can also highlight patterns in the learners’ data and empower them to make data-driven decisions to enhance the strategy and deliver extraordinary training experiences.

Discover what data one can extract from the LMS and how it drives a booming learning culture.

Here is What One Can Learn From LMS Analytics

Top 10 Education and Learning Analytics Solution Companies - 2020Reporting from the LMS brings valuable data to the fingertips to help institutions create informed learning strategies. The LMS must entail pre-built reporting capabilities, which include information like:

Learner Activity, Growth, and Competencies: Break down every individual’s actions and training journey to understand their current development and how one can contribute to their development.

Department Progress: Get a glance at how each department or team performs. See if there are training gaps among the group, areas where some sections struggle, and others where they excel.

Course and Curricula Activity: Understand what the current development in a specific course or module is and how swiftly the courses are being accomplished.

Course Evaluations: Use course evaluations as an essential tool when determining how effective the lessons are. They can help educators get feedback on what parts of the course were a hit and what areas need improvement.

Certificates and Other Training: A certificates report offers a convenient way to review the pupils who hold certificates or credentials, recognize users whose certifications are about to end, and update or print any previously awarded certificates or special recognitions.

These reports should be able to give actionable insight and notify future learning and development strategy shifts. Educators must also be able to share learning insights across the organization, schedule daily email updates, and target particular groups to receive relevant reports.

On the whole, it is vital to keep an ever-watchful eye on the LMS data to gain better insights into what is going well and where there can be areas of prospect.

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