Gamification in Education: Delivering Smarter Teaching and Learning Techniques

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 02, 2019

Re-structuring the analytical processes of education institutions, gamification introduces a modern learning and teaching technique.   

FREMONT, CA: The practice of education has constructively been transformed in the past few years and continues to adopt new methods and techniques to increase the level of development and maturity, mold personality and experience, as well as impact genetic and environmental factors. Introducing gamification in education processes increases the engagement and motivation of students, captures their interest to continue learning and positively influencing the classroom behavior.

• Optimizing the Brain’s Processing of New Information

Gamification facilitates the audio-visual presentation, minimized bites of schematized information, short time-lapse, and often repetitive patterns. The information presentation offered in both visual and audio medium enables the brain to process information into long term memory. The adoption of gamification proves to reduce the stress of learning and ease the methods to transfer new knowledge and information.

• Improving Motivation

Adopting gaming elements such as immediate feedback, earning badges or rewards, strongly influence the students to engage in the classroom’s learning activities. The implementation of gaming elements in the classroom challenges or group activities benefits the brain to function smartly and actively. Social and intellectual engagement activates the brain for plasticity and rewiring.

• Beyond Classroom Visibility 

Gamification, as a teaching tool, can effectively push the learning limits outside the classroom. Implementing games like riddles, puzzles, and more can help students to enhance the learning process at the academic level as well as to handle similar situations in real life. Also, new technologies improve student accessibility in the classroom by building ample coordination and encouraging the development of social skills.

There are various initiatives taken by the educational institutions to adopt gamification. Regardless of the selected game elements and segments, gamification in education is an incredible learning technique and a complete package of assessment in the excellent learning environment. Today, the global market is flooding with numerous applications, tools, and platforms for both the students and the teachers for easy and advanced learning and teaching processes.

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