Going Beyond the Four Walls with Smart Classrooms

Education Technology Insights | Friday, September 06, 2019

Trouble-free access to technology provides teachers with a perfect opportunity to acquire the benefits of the tools that were once considered to be elements of distraction.

FREMONT, CA: In the recent past, people have witnessed the boisterous development of technology in the education industry. In the present time, if classroom instructions are not displayed on the screen, students might not be interested in studying actively. Some parents want to keep their kids at a distance from smart devices, but a few of them also encourage youngsters to learn from new-age technologies without being dependent on them. By having ample access to technology, teachers can easily find ways to cope with the student’s attention and do not have to fight for it. Technology will help teachers to establish a new educational environment, which can encourage partnerships automatically and give rise to student participation.

Authorities at the school realize that the new high-tech devices significantly enhance the ability to learn complex concepts efficiently and also hold the attention of the student. The conception of a smart classroom is related to the idea of integrating the latest developments in education technology. Abundant new tools have been employed to lend a hand to educators and instructors to monitor the students and advise them whenever there is a need. 

Out of numerous technologies being implemented now in schools, here are a few that help the teachers to create a productive learning surrounding:

It’s Not Just a Whiteboard:

Whiteboards that come with abilities to interact with the audience have now become indispensable in classrooms. It is widely accepted that learning gets much better when it is carried out with visuals, as it helps students to understand the complex lessons seamlessly. It is a fact that presentations provide more depth, as a picture on the whiteboard can explain the characteristics in detail and also allowing teachers to write on them for further clarifications. 

Projecting more Smartly:

The smart projection system has made a substantial positive impact on the education industry by being a technology that is cost-effective and convenient to use. By attaching a projector and connecting it to a laptop can turn the flat surface into an interactive plain. Teachers and students can touch, draw, quote, and experience the fun of learning flawlessly with its additional software suite, created exclusively for learning and teaching. 

HD Document Cameras:

Document cameras are cost-effective and latest devices that can help in engaging the students as well as allowing the teachers to flash worksheets and stream live dissection on the big screens. It gives a lot of scopes for both teachers and students to actively discuss and collaborate in the classrooms, on the screens and not on papers. Indeed, what a great way it is to go green with the paperless approach!

Ebooks and Tablets:

Just like smartphones and laptops, tablets, and e-readers are getting highly infamous among the students. By leveraging the modern technologies inside the classroom, teachers can help in engaging the students by comforting them with additional materials in a more accessible format. Educational content, which is in the electronic version, can let the students explore their curriculum in-depth, and read them with extra materials. 

Every modern device built with initiatives to simplify and make learning enjoyable can help schools and teachers remarkably when it comes to developing the learning experiences for their students. Nevertheless, they can also utilize classroom management software, which can reduce distractions in a classroom. It also limits the controls on apps, eliminates printing papers, and drives better usage. The use of multiple devices and software solutions might give rise to a lot of confusions; therefore, teachers need to be careful regarding the use of technology. Technology, without a doubt, is rapidly becoming a crucial part of the education system. It is not far when people will welcome an entirely smart as well as an advanced classroom in the following years.

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