Healthy Hip Hop Adding the Culture of Music in Education

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Healthy Hip Hop provides the kids with an app that reinforces the spirit of music and dance in them.

FREMONT, CA: Healthy Hip Hop is an education tech startup that is born with a vision to incorporate positive art and culture in education. As the name of the company speaks, it aims at channelizing positive vibes and messages into catchy hip hop beats and music. Healthy Hip Hop would bring the essence and ethnicity of Hip Hop style of music and dance as a discrete wing of education and study routine for students.

Hip Hop has been one of the greatest and most popular genres of music lately. It has been among those that the younger generations can connect to easier than ever. Realizing the importance of creating an avenue in the education curriculum for encouraging creativity in them through music, dance, or any form of art, most of the modern educational institutions are integrating the offerings that Healthy Hip Hop has to provides. With education going online, students are learning from a range of digital learning apps out there. Healthy Hip Hop, through its app, allows students to upload and create their own custom music videos to share with a trusted group of family, friends, and educators. Both students and parents can spend quality time.

Healthy Hip Hop was a business to business company that used to offer music and art CDs to schools. As a result of the pandemic, the company took a quick turn towards functioning as a business to customer. As kids are asked to stay back at home and study via plain ways online, Healthy Hip Hop's Hip Hop app is proving to engage and boost the creativity in kids.

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