Here Are Some K-12 Robotics Apps For Users Of All Skills

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, November 07, 2019

In the modern era of digitalization, these robotics apps will add another engaging element to the robotics instruction and will make the learning process more interesting.

FREMONT, CA: Robotics education is ending up progressively ordinary in schools and colleges. It is to a great extent because of the way that students in K12 schools will graduate into a workforce that is overflowing with innovation in a time where robots will turn out to be broadly utilized in our regular daily existences. 

K-12 robotic apps have become a necessary component of 21st-century education. Here are some useful robotic apps which can help the education sector in various ways:


CoderZ is a user-friendly, innovative and engaging online learning tool. It provides students between 6th and 12th grade with a strong foundation for real-world technologies with high demand. CoderZ is a highly affordable solution for education organizations in the search to make robotics and programming education accessible to any student. Online learning atmosphere is beneficial for the teachers as it that includes specialized content and learning management tools.

The application lets lecturers view dashboards with student statistics, object-oriented coding such as Java, video tutorials, and access built-in support for popular robotics platforms. The educator-friendly design is time saving and reduces training costs, allowing them to teach robotics topics fast and easy.

Robot School

Robot School offers a kid an amicable approach to learn systems, loops, and conditional instructions while making programming fun and available, paying little heed to related knowledge. It also offers a programming game Learn to Code, which is suitable for children aged seven and above. Robot School offers programming fun and accessible, regardless of prior experience, and provides a child-friendly way to learn procedures, loops, and conditional instructions. 

Sphero Edu

It is a STEAM-based toolset that weaves hardware, software, and community engagement to promote 21st-century skills. While these skills are absolutely crucial, their Edu program goes beyond code by nurturing students’ ingenuity and creativity like no other education program can. Sphero also offers its Play app, which lets you drive and play games from one app with your Sphero Mini, SPRK +, Sphero 2.0, SPRK Edition, and BOLT robots.

Virtual Robotics Toolkit

This toolkit can import documents made utilizing various free 3D demonstrating devices. Within minutes, clients without much of a stretch can introduce a model into a physics enabled simulation. Test with how different physical forces follow up on a robot, or alter gravity to perceive how a robot would act in a weightless situation.

Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop is providing tools to kids of all ages to enable them to imagine and invent their future. It is one of the age-appropriate apps that encourage hands-on play and learning to make creative problem-solving concrete and tangible. There are many free in-app challenges that give kids hundreds of hours of STEM learning in fun and engaging ways. Top K-12 Companies


 iCircuit is the premier app for iPad and iPhone meant for designing and experimenting with circuits and Arduinos. Its advanced simulation engine can handle both digital and analog circuits and features real time always-on analysis. It is the perfect companion to all including students, hobbyists, and engineers.


The primary aim of Ozobot is to inspire young minds to go from consuming technology to creating it. They make award-winning robots for the next generation of people. Users can easily connect to Evo through the app and control Evo’s speed, sounds, and LED lights.

Regardless of whether these children pick a lifelong other than coding or robotics technology, learning robotics shows them numerous significant abilities, for example, systematic reasoning, programming, cooperation, community thinking, development, and the sky is the limit from there. It tends to be effectively fused into STEAM training, which is ending up progressively prevalent in schools around the world.

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