Here Are The Shifts For An Era Of Technology-Driven Human Connectedness

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, July 09, 2020

The best way is to adopt technology to build a firm that is a healthy, open-ended community of people with superior levels of connectivity, and insight.

FREMONT, CA: The top 3 paradigm shifts required in which technology deliver levels of human-connectedness that will see organizations will have access to capabilities and opportunities that will only be limited by what the human mind can conceive.

Paradigm 1

The advances in technology, machine learning, and AI raise, for several people, negative images of a world where machines/robots take over the work of citizenry. This is often not conducive to leveraging technology to form the planet a far better place.

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It is expected that synergy and collaboration will become a critical performance multiplier this decade. The better way to make a people-centric organization is to embrace technologies. Leverage technological advances to:

• It is necessary to build healthy relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, and the communities around them. Technologies make a platform of opportunity to continuously and instantaneously communicate, gather, and organize information as well as to measure how people in crucial relationships with the organization and feel about the organization. This information can be used to build healthy and vibrant relationships.

• All the companies should try to extend the value add of their LMS. The best thing is when the LMS is successfully used to give the workers the confidence that they can and will be re-skilled in preparation for the changes in the workplace that technology will initiate.

Paradigm 2

All the firms and countries have their thinking, interests, and beliefs. It is more significant to look after your interests than to be concerned about what others are doing. However, technology has "opened" the world, and even the rulers of China realize that they cannot separate their people from global thinking, ideas, and influences.

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It becomes mandatory to hold close the modern technologies to build a healthy organization with an open-ended community of people with superior levels of connectivity, insight, and constructive action-orientation.

In some organizations, relationships between customers, workers, suppliers, and the communities that surround the firm can be seamless or healthy. Technology has the ability to bridge gaps caused by language barriers and leverage several opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.

Paradigm 3

Sometimes, firms have ways of working that are tried and tested. Here no need to waste money and time sending the executives and specialists on expensive external courses. The pace of change in the 2020s will be unprecedented.

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The fact is that most of the knowledge and new thinking are open sources, and the only cost is the time it takes to search for what is relevant. Modern technology, machine learning, and AI can be used to search for and filter knowledge and new thinking that can benefit the organization.

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