Here Is How School Organizations Can Employ Esports Program

By Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The first step toward employing esports program in the school is to get students and teachers on board. Like any other sports program, esports also requires a coach, who has the time and background to assist the team.

FREMONT, CA: According to a sports league report, numbers indicate that the schools employing esports programs have risen by six-fold. Now that esport programs seem to be ingrained at the university level, they have been growing at the high school level very swiftly over the last couple of years.

Furthermore, studies have found that competitive gaming can nurture cognitive growth, boosting the spatial reasoning skills, and problem-solving. With so much to benefit from an esports program, many IT leaders and administrators are wondering how they can get competitive gaming to their districts. With all of the enthusiasm, along with the possibility of scholarship money for students, more high school organizations are looking into how to establish their own sports programs.

Here are a few areas to mull over when starting an esports program at the school. 

Make Students and Teachers and Students a Part

The first step toward employing esports program in the school is to get students and teachers on board. Like any other sports program, esports also requires a coach, who has the time and background to assist the team. Alongside, administrators or teachers are required to navigate the application process and register the groups, in addition to making the necessary payments.

In corresponding to student involvement, it is recommended for all institutions to have a minimum of five students in the esports team. There is no maximum number of participants, but having a group of 10 members is ideal. Besides, the technology infrastructure and staff support may put the cap on the number of students participating in the program.

Settle on a eSports Partner 

There are a lot of esports leagues available in the market today, so schools need to do their research before they decide on committing to one. Each esports association differs in several ways like tech support, geographic coverage, games played, and training for students and coaches. There are unions, which include schools and community-based organizations from across a specific region(s).

Employing the Right Technology for Esports

The total number of equipment that a school needs to purchase depends on its existing infrastructure. Some organizations let students use the internet via WiFi to connect their laptops, while others opt for Ethernet connections. So, it may be necessary for schools to boost their capacity of modern computers by adding extra memory or purchase better video cards. Additionally, it is also essential for institutions to buy specialized peripheral devices like keyboards, mice, and headsets. Alternatively, as some students prefer to use their equipment, schools can consider having the provision to allow students to use their devices.  

Involve Parents to Share the Benefits

As parents are concerned about teenagers getting addicted to the Internet and mainly online gaming, it becomes essential to present the benefits of esports to parents. Some esports associations have materials like flyers and presentations that will help schools make the argument to parents. Besides, one can also point out the skills vital to be a successful esports team, such as communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking.

Another argument often given in support of esports programs is that it provides pupils who do not want to participate in conventional sports programs the chance to contribute to their school community. Furthermore, they also feel proud of their participation in a school-sponsored activity.  

In due course, esports programs should be about generating new opportunities for pupils to learn in engaging ways, and to proffer more paths for students to contribute to their school. Lastly, talking with learners about what their requirements are from esports program and getting them involved in the setting up process is an excellent way to get things started.

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