HoverCam Exhibits New Teaching Station

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The new and advanced teaching station Pilot X of HoverCam will enable the teachers to approach the students hassle-free in the classrooms.

FREMONT, CA: A leader in innovative, interactive, and engaging education solutions, HoverCam, demonstrated its award-winning technology for digital classrooms at the Florida Association of Educational Data Systems 2019 (FAEDS 2019) conference. During the conference, held on September 15-18 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida, the company featured its latest Pilot X digital teaching station.

CEO of HoverCam, Ji Shen said in a statement that lack of mobility could hinder success for many modern classrooms, forcing teachers to remain in one spot while teaching. HoverCam is working to address this issue by providing robust and intuitive solutions that free educators from traditional desks and AV carts. The Pilot X provides educators the ability to engage with students directly, anywhere in the classroom.

The industry-leading Pilot series is a tablet-based, battery-operated, wireless digital teaching station designed for ultra-mobility. It is a 13-inch, and a 10-point-touch tablet can be charged while docked on the station and can be removed to grant teachers more flexibility to move around the classroom. After using the tablet, it can be stored in the podium's tablet bay for overnight security and charging.

The Windows PC and 13-megapixel document camera of Pilot X eliminates the outdated AV cart and gathers the essential contents according to educators' needs. It will enrich the students' lives without being tethered to a podium or desk. With the help of this system, teachers can easily collaborate with the students quickly. Teachers can work from the station or can disconnect the tablet for greater mobility.

Pilot X has no dangling cords and cables, so it keeps the room clean and saves the students from tripping hazards. The wireless transceivers beam the screen of the teaching station and touch annotations to any interactive flat panel, projector, or TV in uncompressed 1080p HD resolution. The document camera also features a built-in microphone for capturing audio.

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