How AI and Analytics Help Educators?

Education Technology Insights | Friday, September 25, 2020

The success of the modern education industry is increasingly being driven by AI and analytics.  

FREMONT, CA: AI is playing a pivotal role in smoothening the process of teaching and learning for both the teacher and the student. Education today has gone fully digital. AI and analytics software solution is taking up the job of an information manager. The amount of data that an educational institute must handle is doubling or even tripling in a few cases. Well, AI is integrated with the learning analytics modules to make the process of data collection, cleansing, structuring, identification of critical values, transformation, evaluation, and validation. Education data includes touchpoints such as curriculum and subjects, lectures and texts, student particulars, rosters and calenders, fees, along with the status of a lot of ongoing processes as well.

Top 10 EdTech Startups - 2019Well, that was about data. While analytics has all the potential to derive informative, intelligent and intuitive insights out of the data that is fed into the software system, AI is yet another highly impactful tech solution that holds a lot of value in bringing about the efficacy of predictive student modeling. An online class could make it increasingly difficult for the teachers or educators to take extra care in analyzing the level at which the student is involved in the class. Predictive student modeling is one such conceptualization of the technology of AI, which allows the teachers to evaluate the performance of a student in a highly practical manner.

This futuristic technique helps the teachers and educational institutions to expect the best of the results. This is because predictive student modeling makes use of all the information such as the interactions of the student with the teacher or as a whole in the class, skills that a learner processes, daily studies, and more. Such data is analyzed by the high tech analytical software models and conducts a formative assessment of the student performance. In this way, the education industry is being able to tailor personalized learning experiences to every learner.     

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