How AI Applications Strengthen the Education Industry

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 14, 2021

Artificial Intelligence technology is reshaping the educational sector, from task automation to personalized learning.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) has profoundly affected virtually every industry, including education. On the one hand, it revolutionizes how institutions and teachers operate while also revolutionizing how students learn. Market Research Engine forecasts that the global market for artificial intelligence in education will reach $5.80 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 45 percent. Below is some good ways AI is changing the education industry.

Automation of Tasks

AI has tremendous potential for automating administrative tasks and facilitating the work of organizations and professors. Apart from managing the classroom environment, teachers and professors have historically been tasked with various administrative and organizational responsibilities. For example, apart from grading homework, grading tests, and reading essays, they are also responsible for completing multiple paperwork, managing teaching materials, organizing lecture resources, and preparing periodic progress reports. This is where artificial intelligence can prove highly beneficial. It can grade tests and manage administrative tasks, which alleviates a significant burden on their shoulders.

 Intelligent Content

Another way AI transforms the education industry is by introducing new methods for successful students. The term "smart content" is a hot topic among organizations, teachers, and students as it simplifies learning. Innovative content refers to various virtual content types, including digitized textbook guides, video conferencing, and video lectures. Robots can now enhance learning by developing customizable learning interfaces and digital content for elementary and high school students. They can make content more digestible by breaking it into understandable terms, highlighting key lesson points, and summarizing key points. Additionally, they create audio and video content. This allows students to easily access these resources, accelerate learning and achieve academic goals.

Personalized Education


Customized learning can help students succeed regardless of their starting point. Each student is unique and approaches learning uniquely. And, while teachers cannot personalize their teaching methods for an entire class, nor can they provide one-on-one sessions for every student, it appears that AI can play a significant role in this area. AI can accomplish much more than simply making content more digestible. Additionally, it can make recommendations to students and instruct them based on their difficulties during various lectures.

Secure e-exams

Many institutions worldwide use AI-powered assessment tools. These allow them online testing. They prepare queries and exercises themselves using a pre-set question bank designed by teachers. Once students finish their tests, they evaluate the results. These types of exams are safer than regular exams. They offer smart settings and configurations to use when assigning tests to selected users. They allow limiting availability and creating different groups with a selection of random questions that prevent cheating. And while saving teachers lots of time, reducing their work, and avoiding the risk of human error, many institutions doubt their credibility due to students' chances of cheating.

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