How AI Can Transform Personalized Learning?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Learning experience with AI will expand the scope of the availability and effectiveness of the learning content and will make the learning more flexible.

FREMONT, CA: Using artificial intelligence to change learning experiences removes traditional limitations and introduces new possibilities. To harness that immense potential, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the inner workings of Artificial Intelligence and the eloquence of the solutions it provides.

Here are some benefits of truly automated learning powered by AI:

• Boost Engagement And Results

Machine learning algorithms predict outcomes that allow the users to give specific content based on a learner’s past performance and aims

. Some online learners express a particular skill gap to receive targeted recommendations that build knowledge related to their skill gap in a more personalized format. This could include scenarios where the system would identify that a learner might be able to skip a few portions to take more comprehensive and less linear learning than someone who might lack the necessary skills linked to that particular topic.

• Allocate Resources To Tasks Of Value

To achieve learning goals, learners receive the exact online resources, which equates to less seat time and training payroll hours. As online training 

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resources are tailor-made to their personal and professional objectives, so employees get the information they need quickly. Additionally, L&D staff spends less time analyzing reports to instead focus on producing topnotch learning content. With AI, the system takes care of Big Data so the L&D team can spend more time and energy on more valuable tasks.

• Automate Content Scheduling And Delivery

Artificial intelligence is changing the game in the industry. AI and machine learning are handling crucial tasks and saving them time and efforts of humans. With the help of these technologies, the learning platform could schedule coursework or deliver resources based on individual learner assessment results. This would make a platform in which it will become easy to predict course maps for each of your learners who enroll in any of your organization’s courses, and then readjust whenever the need arises.

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