How AI-Driven Learning Analytics Helps Educators?

Education Technology Insights | Friday, October 16, 2020

AI is refurbishing the education industry.

FREMONT, CA: The education industry is looking for various methods and alternatives to get through crisis times and stand strong in the world of business. Amid the pandemic and the adversities that are brought by it, the realm of education is looking for effective and highly impactful agile practices to resume business and stay miles ahead of the competition. Today, the technology of analytics is turning synonymous to agility. This is because modern analytics software solutions are equipped with the efficacy of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. While the education has mounted upon the bandwagon of digitalization, analytics is sure to become a revolutionary in the channelizing the education towards change.    

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2020Voice technology is gaining a lot of traction in the landscape of education lately. Voice assistants are made up of algorithms that run on the technology of AI. Most of the learning analytics systems of today feature the concept of AI. The idea of such voice technology applications helps the students conduct conversations with the study materials, instructors, or even computerized lectures. In this way, the learners can clear doubts and gain answers to all their questions without the intervention of the teacher. To add upon, these voice assistants can also help in capturing information about the common issues and challenges that the students face commonly. Through this, the overall quality of education can be increased in an unparalleled manner.

The role of AI in digital education seems to be increasingly futuristic. Personalized learning is one of the chief contributions to taking the sphere of education to the next level. The education industry is today being steered by the idea of hyper-personalization and hyper digitalization. Along with AI, the supporting concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, and more are crafting a customized learning plan based on analyzing the student interests and preferences. Such planned approaches seem promising, responsive, and highly impactful.   

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