How Analytics Can Change the Game of Education

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 10, 2020

Analytics in the education industry is changing the dynamics of teaching and learning.

FREMONT, CA: Digital education is the new reality of education today. Digital classrooms, virtual lectures, and remote learning are all making the essential paraphernalia of the modern education system. While technologists are busy discovering and rediscovering potential and groundbreaking use cases for the educators, the teachers and educational professionals are looking for ways to reap better outcomes to outline the progress of the students.

The technology of analytics has created a transformative impact on the realm of education. Learning analytics software solutions are ruling the education tech market today. This technology acts as a full-fledged data management tool that helps the educational institutions in measuring, collecting, analyzing, structuring, transmitting, and reporting of data. The novel analytical models also help the teachers in understanding the grasping abilities of the students. By embedding and making learning analytics a part of the teaching and learning process, the education system can engage students better and accurately track the progress of the students by intelligently analyzing their performance reports.

Learning analytics can extend its functionalities in various other departments of an educational institution. This tech software solution can help the administrating staff in the school in making decisions in a highly intuitive manner. Also, analytics capabilities also have the ability to predict cyber risks and other security issues that pertain to student data. Data analytics models have all the potential to create further innovations that can transform the academic models to bring in smarter and more efficacious pedagogical teaching methodologies.

With the integration of learning analytics with the digital portals of the students who are learning online, the system would have all the capability of providing alerts and reports of the learning habits and progress of every individual student. In this way, the students would know where they stand and plan their study rosters accordingly. The analytical capabilities will also help the students by providing recommendations in tuning and better the study plans and excel in academics.

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