How are Tech Startups Innovating Education

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Edtech startups are taking education to newer heights.

FREMONT, CA: The future of the education industry is being written by technology. The term called innovation is going fully synonymous with the developments that happen in education technology startups. Rewriting the new epoch of highly transfiguring education industry is all today, depending upon the young and forward-looking entrepreneurs. With the onset of the tech boom, strides of the technology upon the education industry are sure to mark the invaluable and exciting era of teaching and learning. Top 10 LMS Solution Companies - 2020

There are a large number of education technology startups establishing themselves in the market. Sources say that more than $1 billion was invested into the market of edtech during the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and the market witnessed that the invested amount had grown to offer returns of around $450 million. This report alone explains the miracle that an edtech startup can do to uplift the realm of education.

Most of the edtech startups today are bombarding the education industry with a large string of innovations. From enrollment into the definitive set of courses to learning and graduating, everything is digitalized. Startups are increasingly catering to the evolving needs of both the teachers and the students. In the light, if this, tech startups are offering an increasingly realistic virtual environment that gives the feeling of a real classroom to both students and teachers. Also, the concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are successful in creating 3D projections of the teachers in the students’ living room and vice versa. Such an advanced solution is sure to turn the living room or study room fully into a digital classroom.

Just like how classes are going online, the textbook is also riding on the bandwagon of digitalization. There are a lot of online lessons and learning material that has pooped up on the internet. Edtech companies must surely be accredited for the creation of lucrative modules containing the curriculum, lessons, and a demonstration of the physical textbook. The students would now find the subjects extra interesting as the lessons are not just in the form of one dimensional content on a white piece of paper but in the form of self-explanation and fun with learning kind of software backing.

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