How Can Cloud Computing be Advantageous in Education?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

It is no brainer that modern technology is a driving force in contemporary education. 

FREMONT, CA: The influence of cloud computing in education is very evident. Starting from improved accessibility, reduced costs, and increased collaboration, the cloud is advantageous for educators and students both. All the students from first grade or the doctoral candidates can gain from innovations in cloud computing. Educational institutions are leveraging the cloud to increase the connectivity between the schools and their students.   

Improved Accessibility 

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies for Education Industry 2019Student accessibility services run to make sure that the requirements of all students are met. When it comes to students who might have difficulty with mobility or obligations outside of school, it may not be easy to attend lectures. The fact is that students are not always able to get to class physically. The advent of eLearning is changing accessibility for all the students. Thus, it is not much to say that attending class has never been easier.

Likewise, sharing notes has never been easier too. In the past, notes were handwritten and then either copied manually or photocopied, it was not an easy task to collect the classmate’s notes the evening before an exam for a last-minute review. Cloud computing in education is changing that, and now one can share notes with a classmate from anywhere with an internet connection. 

A Modern Approach to Learning

Looking from a student’s perspective, having access to cloud infrastructure helps them to modernize their approach to learning. Many course management software have emerged, which allows educators to create active online learning. Professors can now share notes and lesson plans quickly and efficiently. This eliminates the need for cumbersome and outdated textbooks and facilitates e-learning. These platforms also allow students to access varied resources, such as grades, discussion forms, and even class lists.

Robust cloud infrastructure also allows removing the necessity of complicated physical filing systems. With the help of cloud computing, the user will be able to have direct access to data through education platforms that is specifically designed to ease the experience and the cost of being a student.

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