How Chatbots are Helping Distant Learning

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, April 22, 2021

Chatbots are pushing education into a new environment where remote learning is becoming increasingly popular. 

FREMONT, CA:-Artificial intelligence and machine learning have infiltrated every part of the lives. Smart assistants are being used in the workplaces, connected devices are being used in the home, and even chatbots are used in the classroom.

As distance learning becomes more common, so does the reliance on technology.

Chatbots have a rare opportunity to impress in situations like the ongoing global pandemic, encouraging students to stay at home and teachers to find new ways to educate. People can see how smart components can change the way they learn now more than ever.

Here are some of the ways how chatbots are assisting students in progressing with remote learning environments.

Personalizing the education experience

Every teacher is aware that students are different. Not every student can respond well to verbal instructions because one can. Chatbots make it possible to customize the educational experience for every student's specific requirements.

This bot will help educators have a more engaging class by determining each student's strengths and weaknesses. The online classroom will learn more about what a student wants over time by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, steadily enhancing the experience by ensuring that they have the resources they need to complete their work.

Increased engagement

Even in a typical classroom environment, students do not always have the maximum attention span. As distance learning becomes more common, some students are finding it more challenging to remain focused. After all, numerous distractions are competing for their attention.

Chatbots can assist educators in combating this lack of engagement by sending automatic messages to students asking how far they have advanced on the assignments or reminding them that deadlines are approaching.

Improving customer or student communication

A chatbot is always able to answer students' basic questions. Chatbots can help improve communication between a teacher and a student when more human interactions are needed.

Teachers during COVID-19 are finding it difficult to keep track of a dispersed classroom of students. It can be challenging for a student to schedule one-on-one time with an instructor. A chatbot will identify differences in both students' and teachers' schedules to decide the best time for a meeting when combined with calendaring software.

Chatbots eliminate the need for teachers to respond to students' repetitive questions. As a result, lecturers and educators will devote more time to solve more complex problems.

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