How Edtech Startup Innovations Optimize Digital Education

Education Technology Insights | Monday, September 14, 2020

Education tech startups are making online education fun and exciting for students.  

FREMONT, CA: Sources state that more than $714 million was bagged by the education industry market in the form of funds that was raised by the education tech startups this year. This has further contributed to making the market value of the education industry the hugest when the reports of the previous years are considered. Thanks to the new norm of social distancing that digital education has emerged as a mandate. The pandemic that has been caused by the novel COVID virus has opened the gates wide for the education tech startups to reach the pinnacle of both successes.  

Top 10 EdTech Startups - 2019Most of the newborn education technology companies are focusing on coming up with innovative learning programs, which are highly comprehensive. Understanding that the major challenges for the students lie in overcoming with the subjects such as mathematics, and science, education tech entrepreneurs are working on providing solutions that make the process of learning these critical and core subjects fun, creative and alluring. Be it standalone mobile app or a website to support accesses from a desktop or a laptop, education tech companies are featuring an increased amount of responsiveness.  

Education technology applications that are produced by modern startups are offering personalized learning experience. Along with this, the apps also support sessions for students to interact with teachers. The recorded session also support interaction as students are given the opportunity to record their doubts and opinions for the teachers to get back and answer them. In addition to such creative benefits, education tech solutions are offering a use case where the very popular and major cartoon characters from the shows such as Disney Princesses, Frozen, Toy Story and more readout lessons and explain concepts to the learners.

With all such highly innovative and creative features and specials, offerings from education tech startups are proving to transfigure the way the educators teach and the students learn. While digital education is here to stay, technology is becoming its constructive companion. 

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