How Educational Institutes are Applying Remote Learning Technology

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 15, 2020

For schools and colleges online classrooms are becoming the new norm because of the critical condition due to COVID-19.

FREMONT, CA: The sudden transformations of the traditional classroom in colleges and universities have changed the general way of teachings. Even schools that have minimum amount of online infrastructure has to provide distance learning because of the critical situation. 

However, the teachers must have proper resources, even if they are tech-savvy, to conduct the transition and develop the curricula for supporting the students. Several software providers have offered to streamline the entire procedure by developing powerful proprietary devices that are budget-friendly and easy to use. Before applying a tool, the teachers must know about the benefits it can provide to them and the students. 

Classroom Management Tools that will guarantee Better Learning Experiences

Top 10 LMS Consulting/Services Companies - 2019What are they?

Management tools developed by the software providers allow the teachers to present slides, implement third-party teaching, create assignments, and host live discussions.  

Where do they fit?

Classroom management tools can increase the flexibility of the process while creating and developing lesson plans. Most of the devices are cloud-based, and the users do not have to install new hardware and software packages separately. The teachers can join the digital classrooms, share quizzes, and post assignments. 

Potential pitfalls

To create flexible and successful online learning experiences, classroom management tools are necessary. However, this solution can be easy to connect with the students, but it also needs proper security of the student data so that their information can remain private. 

Video Chat Solutions Can Offer Face-to-Face Experiences

What they are

With the video chat solution, the teachers can connect with every student at the same time and will see and hear each other. The educators will also have the liberty to share slides and documents, along with creating a better campus community. Some popular video calling tools also provide cost-effective options. 

Where do they fit?

Video chatting tools makes sharing and connection flexible. The ones participating in the chat can see and hear each other. They can also share screens, chat on demand, and even add a background. Moreover, there are many video tools where the chat owner has control over the entire chat like who can speak or the items that can be shared. 

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