How Effective Is Online Education During COVID-19 Days?

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Well-planned online learning experiences are significant and different from courses offered online in response to a crisis or disaster. Online teaching is beneficial when considering pandemic times.

FREMONT, CA: Due to the pandemic COVID-19, educational institutions are facing decisions about how to continue teaching as well as learning while keeping the faculty, staff, and students safe from a public health emergency. Many colleges and schools have opted to cancel all the face-to-face classes, comprising labs and other learning experiences. They have mandated that faculty move their courses online to restrict the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Top 10 Elearning Technology Companies in APAC - 2020Online education, combining online teaching and learning, has been an effective way of learning and teaching for years. Several research studies, theories, models, standards, and evaluation focus on the quality of online learning, online education, and online course design.

Research on types of interaction is one of the more robust bodies of research in online learning. In short, it shows that interactions, when meaningfully combined and studied, increase learning outcomes. Therefore, careful planning for online learning is not only for identifying the content to cover but also to carefully tending to how it supports different types of interactions vital to the learning process. This movement recognizes learning as social and cognitive procedures and not merely a matter of information transmission.

The impact of COVID-19 has presented some challenges for institutions of higher education. Although this situation is very stressful, when it is over, educational institutions will come up with a chance to evaluate how well they were able to carry out online teaching and to learn to maintain continuity of instruction. With careful planning, faculties at every campus can evaluate the efforts, permitting those entangled to highlight strengths and identify the weaknesses to be better prepared for future needs to implement online education.

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