How is AI Shaping Education Sector?

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, December 17, 2020

AI is proving to be advantageous in a wide range of educational areas, and it will continue to enhance overall learning outcomes.

FREMONT, CA: With today's generation has grown up with the privilege of having access to technology at their fingertips, the space of education has increasingly revolutionized and overturned in this digitally driven world. One technology that has slowly paved its way inside education is Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are multitudes of ways that teachers and educational staff can achieve from employing this technology. Here are some major applications of AI in the education sector.

• Personalized Learning

Artificial Intelligence is employed for personalizing learning for students. With the deployment of the hyper-personalization concept, which is allowed through machine learning, the AI technology is integrated to design a customized learning profile for each student and to tailor-make their materials, taking into consideration the mode of learning opted by the student, the student's capacity and experience on an individual basis. With AI assisting in creating digital content, learning is proposed to become more digital and less dependent on paperbacks and hard copies.Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

• Voice-Assisted Learning

Another AI component being successfully employed by educators in learning is voice assistants. These voice assistants enable the students to converse with educational materials without the help of the teacher. They can be deployed in home and non-educational environments for facilitating communication with educational material or to access any extra learning help. The objective behind these voice assistants is to give answers for all common questions and be customized for each student's schedule and courses. This helps reduce the need for internal support and cuts down the expense of printing college handbooks that are temporarily used.

• Helping in Administrative Tasks

Since most of the time, the educators is invested in non-educational activities, AI has been a vital aid at dealing with back-office and task-related duties like grading tasks and facilitating personalized responses for students. Alongside they can also manage the routine and monotonous paperwork, matters related to logistics and personnel issues. These AI systems can also handle personal interactions with guardians and parents, facilitate feedback to routine issues and resource access, thus providing more time to teachers to invest in students.

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