How Is Education Leveraging G Suite Enterprises?

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, November 19, 2020

IT department of higher educational institutes can adopt advanced security controls and can protect sensitive data from threats.

FREMONT, CA: In the age of digitization, fraudulent activities are increasing day by day in the education sector. Education institutions have to store a huge amount of sensitive data, so they have to make sure whether the shared data is safe or not. With advanced security controls, they can easily protect confidential information.

How to Manage Security Incidents with a Single Dashboard

For IT teams, those who are facing limited IT resources at large institutions, overseeing data security on the cloud can be taxing for them. IT team comes across thousands of alert regarding actual attacks every day, so it’s not a new thing for them. For such cases also G Suite has a solution called the security center. This tool is located in the Google Admin console, and it updates the security report every 15 minutes. IT team can collect data from this dashboard, and can address risks quickly.

Find, and Then Take Immediate Action on Security and Privacy Issues

The G suite also enables admins to identify, triage and can take immediate action on security and privacy issues. It will reduce the risk and impact of the threats. Admins can use this tool for several purposes like monitoring file sharing, find and delete malicious emails, and suspend or wipe compromised accounts and devices. By allowing admins to set policies governing devices and manage apps for specific user groups, the advanced mobile device management feature is strengthening security.

Strengthen Security with Advanced Mobile Device Management

In the higher education sector, the use of personal and campus-owned mobile devices is growing. So, IT staff should have the capability to manage those devices and the data securely. The advanced mobile device management (MDM) feature of G Suite allows admins to enforce password policies, manage apps for specific user groups, and even set rules to automate MDM tasks. If there are more than five failed attempts to unlock, then they can set up a rule to block a device and notify administrators or can wipe data from devices when suspicious activity is detected.

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