How is Technology Improving Social Emotional Learning?

Education Technology Insights | Friday, June 03, 2022

Education reformers have long recognized the potential of technology to improve education by making teachers' jobs easier, providing pupils with more knowledge faster, and allowing innovative instructional strategies to flourish.

Fremont, CA: Understanding the starting point is essential to achieving SEL goals. Leaders may learn what their schools are doing well, which elements of their programs are working, and where they have gaps by using questionnaires to collect data online. Of course, one-on-one talks are necessary, but data is essential for moving forward—and gaining community support.

Furthermore, by utilizing technology to collect and aggregate data, they are able to conveniently manage and process data from a broader range of stakeholders—parents, staff, instructors, students, and so on. This allows administrators to assess the health and needs of each component of their school community as a whole. They can also utilize the same technology to update their communities on their progress.

Social and emotional learning is becoming more accessible thanks to technological advancements. Parents might, for example, join school information sessions online during the lockdown. They didn't have to rush about, miss work, or miss sessions anymore. In addition, several of the sessions were recorded and made available on demand. This aided in the development of stronger ties with the school. Similarly, schools employed technology to have virtual teacher meetings as needed without disrupting their classes or forcing them to remain late.

Furthermore, online platforms make SEL tools and courses widely available. As a result, schools can create learning opportunities for all of their students. Students can access their lessons outside of the classroom because the lessons are online, providing them more freedom in how they learn. Students are even being given safe locations to study online literacy so that they may practice the skills they'll need in the future.

Finally, technology has freed up time for staff and teachers to focus on creating relationships with one another and kids, rather than on some of their former time-consuming tasks. Tasks that used to take days or weeks to perform are now completed in hours, with the goal of technology always operating in the background, delivering information as needed.

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