How K-12 Administrators Can Master Google Classroom?

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Thursday, December 02, 2021

Modern technologies and online resources like Google Classroom can help the teachers and administrators by organizing resources and saving their time.

FREMONT, CA: Most of the time teachers face a challenge in managing resources and time both together, in the classroom. Generally, administrative workload eats up a majority of an educator’s time, so several digital tools can help in such cases by streamlining the process.

Here are some ways to put Google Classroom to work:

• Enable Users to Access Content at Their Convenience

All the teachers can quickly master the features and functions of Google Class room for administrative purposes because the number of online resources is increasing. Now the educators can access content from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, so it was very appealing for both the educators and the administrators.

• Communicate With K–12 Stakeholders Like a Pro

No need to underestimate your ability to improve communication using customizable Class work features. The other way is to post a question in the classroom to engage the staff in inquiry-driven discussions. Administrators can use different assignment tools to send out surveys, to provide real-time feedback, request input or share agendas. Multiple teachers can also be added as co-teachers to individualize assignments and coordinate leadership.

• Streamline Information Dissemination with Online Tools

If the information is distributed with the online tools, it will streamline the whole process. In this way, staff will find an easy way to dig the information for what they are looking for. Google Classroom consists of features to prepare assignments in advance and schedule them to post to your stream at a specified time and date. Administrators can set a due date which automatically populates to your shared Google Calendar, keeping all staff members on track. To post high-priority material at the top of the stream, use the drag-and-drop feature.

• Organize Student and Faculty Resources

Try to reduce the time your staff spends searching for resources by using the Classwork stream. Kust post a link to a shared page, with hyperlinks to all the priority resources and documents. The resources within the page may include different things like data, schedules, district policies, emergency response protocols etc.

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