How Learning Analytics is Beneficial for Universities and Students

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Learning analytics has the potential to revolutionize how people measure impact and outcomes in learning environments, enabling providers to innovate new approaches to teaching and learning excellence and arming students with further information to make the best educational choices.

FREMONT, CA: The term "learning analytics" refers to the process of measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data about learners' progress and the contexts in which they learn. By leveraging the increased availability of large datasets about learner activity and the digital footprints left by students in learning environments, learning analytics enable us to go beyond what data currently available can accomplish. Below are some benefits of learning analytics.

Improving the educational quality

Analytics have been used to enhance teaching. The value for improving education or planning future course offerings is a critical component of learning analytics. Learning analytics can provide teachers with more information about the educational content and activities and their teaching and assessment processes, allowing continuous improvement. By obtaining more data about the student experience, an institution may identify and address issues of concern to learners, such as insufficient feedback. Lecturers and tutors can use analytics to monitor their students' performance throughout the module; they can then adapt their instruction if they notice that some students are struggling.

Enhancing Retention

A better perception of data about learners and their learning assist universities in addressing high attrition rates, which have a detrimental effect on the lives of those affected and result in wasted institutional resources. Student data analytics can be used to forecast which students will drop out of school the following year. Retention has benefited from analytics. After identifying an at-risk student, individualized interventions such as advice or support from a tutor can be used to assist in retaining those students.

Providing students with the ability to exercise control

Another critical application of learning analytics is to provide students with more information about their progress and what they need to do to achieve their educational goals.

Learning analytics can empower students by allowing them to take control of their education, provide them with a more accurate picture of their current performance in real-time, and assist them in making informed study choices.

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