How New Trends Are Shaping the Future of Higher Education?

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, April 29, 2020

New trend have wide-ranging impact on higher educations sector and is transforming the institutions by streamlining the teaching-learning process.

FREMONT, CA: Everyone has a question in mind that, what will the future of education look like? But one thing is evident that technology will play a significant role in shaping the future of higher education, in different ways. Modern technologies will help the sector n dealing with the challenges which arise in day-to-day activities.

In the economic category

• Cost of Higher Education: the tuition cost is rising day-by-day and the funding is decreasing from public and other sources. Institutions need to demonstrate their value and adjust to economic realities with new business models.

• Future of Work and Skills: Institutions will need to adjust their courses, curricula, and degree programs to meet learners' needs, as well as the demands of new industries and an evolving workforce.

• Climate Change: With more institutions focusing on online learning, sustainable living and learning will become a higher priority for higher education institutions.

 In the higher education category

• Changes in Student Population: College enrollment rates are dropping with increased student diversity. It requires institutional leaders to rethink how to achieve their teaching and learning missions and will demand a new emphasis on holistic student success

•Alternative Pathways to Education: There are several alternative pathways for education, which includes new learning models with nano and micro-degrees degrees, competency-based programs, expanded online options, portable and standards-based credentials, and institutional collaboration and partnerships.

• Online Education: Nowadays, online education is considered as scalable means to provide courses to an increasingly nontraditional student population. So the educators must be prepared to teach in online mode, and students should prepare to learn online.

And in the political category

Decrease in Higher Education Funding: The funding in the education sector is decreasing, so organizations need to pursue alternative business and funding models. It can be achieved by the privatization of the industry, establishing partnerships with other industries or organizations, and other more sustainable models.

Value of Higher Education: Public perceptions of the value of a college education are varied. Institutions are forced to identify alternative education or business models because overall enrollments are declining.

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