How RPA Can Increase Grades of Educational Institution?

Education Technology Insights | Friday, June 07, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The capabilities of automation in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools are high; it will boost the accuracy, efficiency of administrative work. RPA for education is a catalyst for innovation in the field. It is necessary to understand how the education sector can reap benefits from RPA.

Use Cases of RPA in Education:

• Enrollment process: As the process involves paper-intensive tasks that are error-prone, RPA can be utilized for carrying out tasks like filing student application form, validating documents, and checking eligibility for applied courses. 

• Meet up schedules: RPA can computerize the planning process for a meeting without any necessity for manual tasks. By verifying all attendee’s work schedule, RPA can automatically draft emails to the related people, notifying about the meeting. The tool can also compose emails to parents with the student’s progress reports and schedule a meeting.

• Attendance tracking: With the implementation of the apt attendance tracking systems, the institutions can maintain the information related to time logs of each person working. The RPA tool can be used to determine the correct compensation for employees by monitoring relevant information regarding attendance.

• Progress reports: The teachers need to store the exams scores digitally so that the RPA tool can extract the required data from the database, enter the relevant data in the progress card, and also send the reports to parents.

Benefits of RPA in Education:

• Decreased expenditure: The RPA tool can execute repetitive, high-volume tasks and complete the work at a faster pace and lower rate.

• Increased productivity: With RPA handling a majority of tasks, the employees can focus on utilizing excess time for productive, creative, and strategic work. With RPA, institutions can increase productivity and maximize ROI.

• Improved work execution: One of the features of RPA is to perform specific, the predetermined job at any time, without any mistakes as performance excellence will help the institutions to improve overall work execution.

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