How RPA Helps Educational Institutions

Education Technology Insights | Monday, March 01, 2021

The RPA adoption rate in the education sector is still way behind, but as knowledge of how RPA functions will spread, a shift will happen, giving birth to a new age.

FREMONT, CA: Be it holding parent-teacher meetings or creating a learning environment, administrative operations at schools, colleges, and universities are paper-heavy. These processes take away vast time and resources that could have been used to ensure student success. RPA in education can assist educators and administrators in automating tasks and processes which will otherwise become cumbersome. Helping educational institutes handle high-volume tasks, robotic process automation tools can bring efficiency in the administrative operations. Here are some RPA use cases in the education industry and how it can help manage sophisticated administrative operations.

• Biometric Attendance

The biometric punch in and punch out is essential for the administrative departments across educational institutions irrespective of their size. It helps educational institutions to record the time of clocking in as well as clocking out. This supports maintaining a record of all members and provides reports for overtime benefit calculation, and so on.Top EdTech Startups

• Teacher Substitution

Institutions can seamlessly allow faculty to the classes they require to teach or cover in the absence of a teacher as per their availability by navigating class timings, sections, and teacher details, and many more. This accelerates staff productivity. With the support of mobile-friendly applications, they can seamlessly access their schedules anytime they deem needed and manage their timelines accordingly.

• Scheduling Meetings

Be it the meeting or parent-teacher meeting, scheduling meetings and sending out notifications can be a complex task. What can be more time-consuming is scheduling and sending invites if the meeting is canceled or postponed. Robotic process automation tools can seamlessly automate scheduling meetings and send invites to every attendee. Educational institutions can also use RPA bots to send reminders along with any needed attachments.

• Classroom and Online Learning

The online learning environment comes with several tasks that teachers need to consider. Some of these tasks are attendance management, checking and evaluating assignments, tracking course progress, and many others. Robotic process automation has the potential and effectiveness of managing both offline classroom and online learning processes. RPA can handle content on every platform that exists today and offer supporting material to the students for assignments as and when needed.

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