How School Authorities Address The Challenges of Online Education?

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Monday, July 25, 2022

Even though online educations has its limitations, there are varied advantages of online learning, which explains why online training may be the greatest revolution in today's education culture.

FREMONT, CA: Online education is related to various stereotypes. Online courses and degree programs are convenient and cheaper than the counterpart in traditional teaching. These are the two main advantages of students to opt for online education. Another best thing about online learning is that students can learn in a relaxed manner.

Challenges in Online Learning

Top 10 Elearning Technology Companies in APAC - 2020Comparing to face-to-face learning with online learning provides significant deficiencies in the online mode like lack of human connect, teacher supervision,  absence of opportunities of collaborative learning, and the most being lack of opportunities for hands-on learning in critical subjects like mathematics and science. Moreover, the rush of hosting online classes the best teaching practices like addressing learners' Multiples Intelligences (MI), VARK Learning Styles, and offering a differentiated learning experience relegates to the backburner. The question is how the school heads are providing a rich, immersive, and holistic learning experience to the students?

Nevertheless, switching to the online mode of teaching is a massive challenge for teachers. They have managed to imbibe several hard and soft techniques to be able to do it successfully.  However, regular observation of the classes and constructive and timely feedback helps the authorities to improve skills. A good strategy will also be to ask them what they need to learn and to organize focused interventions to help meet their learning gaps.

While learners can't wait to get back to the schools, online learning is going to leave principals and educators richer in terms of insights into what constitutes quality education and their preparedness to deliver it. The challenges of quality online learning will be managed sooner than later due to the inherent transparency of this medium. However, the real problem would be not to slip into old 'teacher-driven' ways and to remember and apply the learning of this phase to enrich our regular classes post lockdown restrictions.

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