How Technology Helps Engage Students

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 10, 2020

Student engagement is becoming extremely important, and technology could be the key.

FREMONT, CA: Today, the integration of technology in the operational ecosystem of the education industry is become essential and not a mere novelty. Modern educators believe that changing their routines and practices into those of high tech is rising to become an inevitable standard. Students are also increasingly getting accustomed to learning styles and methodologies that are driven by computers and technology. The millennial is excited and enthusiastic about the new turn that the realm of education has taken. But, the educational institutions and other organizations are faced with a critical challenge of engaging students and ensuring their interest and involvement in the class and subject.

Technology in classrooms today is sure to redefine the abstract interiors of the physical infrastructure. It is not only about smart projectors, lessons in the form of audiovisuals, and computerized attendance tracking. There is certainly a lot more. With the incorporation of gamification platforms in the classrooms, students can gain the highest level of engagement with the lectures and classes. This is because students can stay motivated towards the lessons and learning processes when game-like strategies such as a quiz and more become a part of plain and routine learning.

Computerized simulations of a concept or a theory serve as one of the best ways for students to establish a deep and strong connection with the lesson that is taught in the class. Novel technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) help in developing and producing such simulations, and bring the concept in the book all alive in the classroom. In this way, students not only enjoy the process of learning but register the lessons in mind and thereby, perform well in the examination. Technologies such as AI and IoT help the teachers found a smart and interactive session for teaching and learning in the classroom.

Technology is at the helm of the progress of the education industry. And the process of teaching and learning is only becoming more and more fruitful.

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