How Technology Helps Foster Student Engagement in Online Learning Platforms?

Education Technology Insights | Monday, May 31, 2021

The shift toward virtual and hybrid learning can be challenging, especially around student engagement. However, the education applications incorporated with innovative technologies have magnified the classroom experiences.

Fremont, CA: Student engagement is when students show up to class excited to learn, participate in learning and demonstrate a positive attitude. Student engagement is essential because it increases student achievement. Students who are highly engaged and are effective learners are most likely to be proficient. Owing to challenging academic year, keeping students engaged during online classes remain a top priority for educators in universities, schools, and colleges. The right technology is only the key to successful online courses. Professors and instructors must know how to use collaboration tools to foster student engagement effectively. Adjusting to online education has been challenging for many professors. After all, technology is not usually the centerpiece of most lecture halls. But the new normal demands you to continue lecturing in the digital world for the long haul. Here are some tips that can uplift online learning as well as teaching experience using technology.

Engagement Boosting with Interactive collaboration features

Whiteboards help re-create the environment of a physical classroom online. Many online education applications use this technology to improve teaching and learning experiences. Professors can use digital whiteboards to lead brainstorming activities with students.

Engaging lectures with Special effects and lighting

Education apps are providing students and teachers with customizable virtual backgrounds. This technology offers the proper lighting and special effects to the online classes. It helps teachers and students uplift the spirit of learning away from the classroom.

Receiving feedback

Receiving continuous feedback is an excellent way for faculty to assess how engaged students are with online lectures. Education apps are equipped with tabs and icons for easy interactions. Students can quickly write or post icons to share their feedbacks. It improves both teacher and student satisfaction and engagement.

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